Take the Pledge to Learn about Alternatives to Pesticides

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More About Integrated Pest Management

Take the Pledge to Learn about Alternatives to Pesticides

Why Alternatives to Pesticides?

Pesticides are toxic by design. In addition to killing target pests, pesticides harm non-targets such as people, animals, beneficial plants, insects, fish and wildlife.

Pesticides can cause cancer, damage the central nervous system, endocrine system and immune system, and cause respiratory illnesses. Exposure to pesticides can be particularly harmful to children, the elderly, pregnant women, people with asthma and other respiratory problems and chronic health conditions. Reducing the use of pesticides protects our health, our community and the environment.

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

IPM is a problem-solving approach to pest control. Newton officially adopted IPM as city policy for all its buildings and grounds on September 11, 1997. IPM is based on strategies that provide cost-effective long term pest control while protecting our health, the environment, and the healthy development of our children. IPM uses site-specific information about conditions combined with knowledge of the pest's biology and behavior to prevent and control pests. Strategies include such steps as adjusting irrigation and mowing practices or improving maintenance and sanitation to remedy conditions that attract pests and allow them to thrive.

Does the pledge mean I can never use pesticides?

No. However, taking the GreenCAP pledge means GreenCAP will help you to develop an environmental management plan that emphasizes prevention and non-toxic or least risk pest control strategies for buildings and landscapes. Pesticides are used as a last resort and only within guidelines for least toxic selection and use. If you decide to use a pesticide, it should be a very limited and strategic use that avoids causing harm to people, animals or beneficial plants and insects.

Why take the GreenCAP Pledge?

  1. You will receive announcements about special events, workshops and resources.
  2. GreenCAP will put a BLUE DOT on GreenCAP's map of Newton. The map shows your neighborhood's growing commitment to reducing the use of pesticides in Newton.
  3. You will receive the GreenCAP sign to help promote pesticide use reduction in our community.

Clip and Mail to

The Green Decade Coalition/Newton
474 Centre St.
Newton MA 02458

I pledge

  1. to learn about Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a problem-solving approach to weed, insect and rodent control.
  2. to evaluate landscaping and pest control practices where I live, work, shop, pray, play and go to school.
  3. to stop all routine use of pesticides and to use environmental strategies and non-toxic alternatives to pesticides wherever possible.
  4. If, after trying non-chemical and least-toxic approaches I decide that a pesticide is necessary, I will use it with extreme caution and take all steps to protect people, wildlife, and beneficial plants and insects.
  5. I will be a Good Neighbor. I will provide advance notification to visitors and abutters of any pesticide use and will post a Pesticide Application Warning sign for at least 72 hours.
Name _______________________________________________________            
City ___________________________, MA  
Zip ___________ 	
Phone  _________________________________        
____ send me information for my friends and neighbors.                   
____send me information for my school  or workplace 

For more information, call Green Decade Coalition/Newton, 617/965-1995

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